Another music recommendation

Tommy Walker is one of my favorite songwriters. He’s a worship leader out in CA – and differs from a lot of songwriters, in that he works for a church – his tunes are written with the congregation in mind, and pitched in keys that are singable for the average congregation, as opposed to some recording artists that are fantastic TENOR vocalists – and pitch their songs accordingly.

Anyway, Tommy released a new album this past Tuesday, called “I Have a Hope.” The title song, along with “do it Lord” and “Hallelujah, we will sing,” are incredible.

You can download the album from iTunes.

One thought on “Another music recommendation

  1. Hi Jason,
    My name's Paul Hoover, and I'm a worship leader out in Valencia, CA, at a little church called Crossroads Community Church. I have a blog very similar to yours, and I just wanted to say “Hey” and let you know I'll probably be using some of your ideas/songs/music recommendations on my own blog, and you're welcome to do the same!

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