Oh ME of little faith . . .

I’m reading the Bible this year according to this Bible reading plan which is great – as it has a passage from the OT, a psalm, a gospel reading, and a reading from Acts – and progressing forward. Last year it was the Daily Bible – which was nice, but it goes in chronological order, and this different plan offers a bit of variety in the readings.

Anyway – i was struck by a passage in Matthew the other day – Jesus was walking on water. Cool. The disciples were out on the boat, and the wind picked up, and they were scared, and Jesus comes heading out to the boat, on the water. Peter sees him and says that if it’s really him, then He should command Peter to come out of the boat. So he does, and Peter does, and starts walking on the water. But he gets scared and starts to sink. Jesus grabs him and throws him into the boat. Then he tells the wind to calm. Here’s the part that gets me – the disciples THEN say – truly this is the Son of God. NOW they say this . . . They have been living with this guy, around the clock. He’s healed lepers, cured blindness, fed THOUSANDS with scraps of food, cast out demons . . . but now they proclaim that he’s Lord. And they were with him ALL the time . . . It makes my faith pale in comparison. How many more times does God have to prove his love before I say – NOW You are Lord . . .

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