Worship in Spirit and in Truth

The Worship Ministry team met last night, and we continued a great dialogue on worship philosophy type issues. One of the things mentioned was God seeking worshippers in Spirit and in Truth (dialogue with the woman at the well). What does God mean? What is He looking for? What does He/will He do when He finds them?

Last Sunday, we did a song called the Stand for our offering song. Let me say this about our offering songs – the main ACT of worship during our offering song is bringing tithes and offerings. I usually do a song that is more presentational OR a song that I’m wanting to teach the congregation so i can start planting it in their brains to sing at a later date. There’s never an expectation for the congregation to sing during the offering song . . .

So last week, we did the Stand as recorded by Hillsong United. Great tune. The text of the chorus says: “So I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the One who gave it all.”

Our pastor, in a Presbyterian Church no less, stood up, with arms high, heart abandoned, eyes closed, and was worshipping during the offering song, and then had this to say.


I think something awesome is happening in the worship picture at Oak Mountain. I’m excited to see where it takes us, and how God directs us in His worship . . .

One thought on “Worship in Spirit and in Truth

  1. I listened to Bob and whole- heartedly and whole-soulfully agree about the hand raising. That was something I never knew about growing up Pres(USA). Not until I came to Calvary Chapel did I experience hand raising ( we are not charismatic or whacky nor prosperity teaching) Not until I really understood it did it come so naturally during worship- inspired by the Holy Spirit is all I know and wanting to show God how much you love Him. God is so awesome! We sing the same songs as y'all and it feels so great to also be able to clap along for some and move to the rhythm. Worship is so enjoyable and God loves to see us praise him and raise “holy hands”.
    Our Easter worship will be held at the Pensacola Civic Center as an outreach after our sunrise beach baptism. We have Phil Wickham coming to lead our worship music. I can't wait. Did you ever listen to his “Divine Romance” song?- it is fantastic. We sing it in worship too. And the Hillsong one “Inside Out”.
    Happy Easter, Jason
    Nancy, sister of Genie Deason)

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