RE – Monday morning recap for last Sunday May

So I’ve been told that my recap of yesterday’s time of worship wasn’t fluffy enough . . .

Yesterday’s worship service was a 1st for me at Oak Mountain, in that it was just me at the piano, without a band or vocal team. Interesting – and as big of a contrast from last week’s Super-Colossal as we can get.

We opened with Come Ye Sinners, by Cambridge. I played it in the key of E, and probably started with an E2 in the RH, with an E octave in the LH.

After our call to worship, we sang Forever and Indescribable which were also both in E – on a side note: churches – if you’re doing songs recorded by Chris Tomlin in the same keys that Chris recorded – you’re singing them WAY too high for your congregations. Drop Indescribable to E. You Gave Your Life Away was in the key of G, and Bob stopped us in the middle of the song during the 2nd service to point out the text on the 2nd half of the chorus “Your grace has broken every chain, my sins are gone, my debt’s been paid, you gave you gave your life away for me . . . ” I smile whenever we sing the bridge of this song because the congregation has a tendency to jump the gun on the second half “If I could . . . SING forever” there’s lots of SSSSSSSSSSSS in the congregation as they jump in on the “and” of 4, and the tune actually starts on the 1.

Following that, we sang “Be Thou My Vision” in the key of D – which I think is a half-step LOWER than the hymnal. E Flat’s are hard for ladies to reach at 9:15 in the morning . . .

For our offering song we sang Come Quickly, by Tommy Walker.

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