Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – September 6

Labor Day weekend. We still had church.

We opened with You Are Good. I added the bridge part – which proclaims “you are good, all the time, all the time, you are good.” I thought it was a little edgier than normal, but apparently Bob thought it wasn’t that edgy – and exhorted us with something even edgier from the psalms . . . which was cool.

After our call to worship we sang Because of Your Love (Baloche), Search Me (Ronnie Freeman), Your Name (Baloche), Before the Throne of God Above, and Agnus Dei.

I said this as we entered into Agnus Dei . . . just a thought.

For our offering song, we sang Glorious One by Steve Fee.

During Communion, I sang an old Jars of Clay tune called The Stone, and then Alicia and Lisa led us with There is Nothing.

Ridiculousness to be posted later this week.

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