Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – December 13 (on Tuesday)

I’m not going to attempt a recap for this past sunday except to say that we had an incredible time – and it was the culmination of many, many, many hours of hard work from about 140 people.

I will share this – as I wrote it for the program:
The thought for today – and title of our program – is BEHOLD. It means, “to look; to observe; to see; to feel…” BEHOLD is an action that calls us to engage. We are to engage with our eyes. Engage with our ears. And engage with our hearts.

We are called to experience the Living God. We are called to worship.

BEHOLD is part of a story that hasn’t changed for thousands of years, but we come here today with different circumstances, needs, hurts and expectations on how and where God will show up in our lives.

Today is a reminder of Christ and the Gift we have been given through His birth, life, death and resurrection.

Come this morning willing to engage and receive what God has in store for you. Come expecting to meet with Christ. Enter this sacred time of worship considering how the Father is longing for you to BEHOLD.

For those trapped in sin, “BEHOLD the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of man.” For those who are lonely, unsure, depressed, anxious, insecure and needy, “BEHOLD the virgin shall bear a son and call his name, Emmanuel – God with us.” And for those who are anxiously longing for His return, know that you’re not home yet. Rest confidently in this Second Advent, knowing “BEHOLD – I am making everything new.”

For the worship ministry, these past few months have been a time of deep reflection, steady preparation and genuine worship. This morning merely represents a time of worship that began months ago when we first looked at these texts and brought melody to their rich truths.

Join us this morning. Don’t just watch. Don’t just listen. Engage with us in worship – rejoicing in the gift that has come, and is coming again.


The choir takes a break, and then resumes practice on Wednesday the 13th – to start preparing for Palm Sunday.

Here’s an audio clip from the weekend – it was our closing song

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