I only teach 4 piano students . . .

And they all work harder than any piano students I know. I’m the toughest teacher I know – I was taught how to teach by the toughest teacher I know. My students arrive for piano lessons at 7AM – before school starts. They have to practice more, and have to do things that regular piano lessons wouldn’t require. They’ve got to WANT to learn piano to take from me – which is why i only teach 4 students.

Anyway – this guy is unbelievable. He’s been taking from me for 3.5 years (started in the 1st grade) – and he’s now in the 4th grade. He has an ability that i don’t if i’ve ever seen before. His technique is near flawless, his rhythm is near perfect, and he’s only just starting his piano career. I took this video this morning – he’s only been working on this piece for 3 weeks.


P.M. from Jasonsears Music on Vimeo.

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