Monday morning Recap for Sunday – June 20. 2010

Great time of worship yesterday morning. The choir was singing. It was Father’s Day. Great, great morning.

We opened yesterday with a rather slow, mellow ballad from Israel Houghton called Say So. 🙂

After our call to worship we sang Because of Your Love, O Worship the King, Everlasting God, and Revelation Song.

Our offering song was God You Reign – a Lincoln Brewster song that we first did during our Palm Sunday Spectacular.

We did a different arrangement of Everlasting God – one that I heard Anthony Evans do last year at the National Worship Leader Conference – it’s got a bit more of an R&B flair to it – and has a section of “oh’s” in the intro and the interlude. It’s always funny to look out at the congregation at oak mountain during times of “oh’s” or “yeah’s” – half of the people are fully engaged, embracing the vocal line – the other half are shaking their heads. HA! My encouragement yesterday was a bit different – if you look at the choir at oak mtn – a little microcosm of the congregation, there’s all sorts of pain, heartache, sickness, job troubles, family troubles, child issues, etc . . . . EVERYONE is waiting on the Lord – just as the song says. So my encouragement was to not only engage in the “oh’s” but to turn that into a desperate cry for God to show up, specifically where you’ve been calling on His name.

Choir takes a break now for almost 2 months – resuming rehearsals on August 18th.

Our 7th Annual Bullfrog Choir is next month – July 25th. One of my favorite Sundays of the year!

4 thoughts on “Monday morning Recap for Sunday – June 20. 2010

  1. Tim – check out Anthony Evans “Everlasting God” recording – i stole it from him. Got to see him lead with it last summer – i think he plays it in D – which is dreadfully high. We usually sing the song in A. Yesterday, we sang it in B – worked well.

    Rick – Bullfrog choir is once/year – it's open to any and every guy in the congregation. There's no rehearsal – just a Sunday morning run-through. The guys all sing melody – and it's incredible. Awesome sound – one of my favorite sundays.

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