Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – Sept 26, 2010

We had choir this past Sunday. If you’re looking for an easy way to get plugged into the church, meet new people, have a time of worship on Wednesday nights, and sing some cool music – you might want to consider joining choir. No singing experience is necessary – and it really is a lot of fun.

You know that old lady that sits at the door and checks your name off when you walk in the room – and gives you that look of shame if you haven’t been in a while? Yeah, she doesn’t go here, and isn’t allowed to come to the choir room . . . so shake off the old choir baggage that you may have and come join us Wednesday nights.

We opened yesterday with Paul Baloche’s Our God Saves.

After our call to worship – we sang Amazing God, Everlasting God (a la Anthony Evans), Jesus Paid it All, and Never Let Go (or is it You Never Let Go).

Our offering song was Awakening.

We continue this Wednesday with our Christmas preparation. Come join us – we’re singing some cool stuff.

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