Friday Favorites 10.22.10

Friday Favorites this week –

1. Favorite ridiculous video –
this one has been around a while now . . . but is just oh so funny.

2. Favorite worship tune trainwreck –
Important NOTE – this isn’t me, nor any of the musicians at oak mtn. this came to me from another friend . . . We’re actually doing this song this weekend – this clip makes me shudder everytime . . . SIDE NOTE – i taught a “leading from the piano” seminar at a worship conference last week – one of the benefits I noted was that I could play worship tunes in any key . . .not needing to capo. When you listen to this track – CAPO is everything . . .

3. Favorite line from next Sunday’s worship set –
“hast thou not seen, how thy desires e’er have been granted in what He ordaineth?”

4. Favorite internet quote from last week –
“Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet….”

5. Favorite 80@50eighty from the past –

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 10.22.10

  1. wow, #2 just had my crying so hard I was laughing, in pain. Totally been there.
    Was the acoustic capo'd wrong, or was the rest of the band wrong? (if he was off, kudos for the rest of the band to pick up in the new key!)

    When I've done that, if it's still at the beginning of the song, I'll usually bite the bullet and stop and re-capo (cause it's usually me who's wrong!)

  2. Jason – I passed #2 along to a family friend and he said he laughed so hard he spit all over his computer screen. In a probably sick kind of way, I was a little bummed that the band pulled it together b/c I wanted to hear more train wreck!

    My 2 thoughts:

    1. If this ever happened to me, I probably would start laughing and be unable to compose myself (kind of like that YouTube video where the youth pastor says, “Lot chose to go and pitch his tents…” except he said it the other way).

    2. What congregation would be able to sing in that key? He's got it way too high…in my opinion.

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