I don’t have a gift to bring…

One of my vocalists, a dear friend – that sings on praise team quite often, was told in high school (by an ill-informed chemistry teacher) that she shouldn’t ever sing. It scarred her, probably permanently, and affects the way she views worship, singing, participation in ministry, and bringing her gifts before the Lord. What a tragedy – that the enemy can use a chemistry teacher, in high school, to distract someone from bringing a truly sweet gift to the table, to be used for God’s glory.

There’s a movement in the church – just starting out, of artists (creatives – photographers, sculptors, landscape architects, interior designers, painters, writers) that are gathering and starting to explore, once again, what it means to use their gifts for His glory.

I fear that, like my friend, some of these veteran or budding artists have been wounded along the way, either in lack of support, or lack of prodding to get out and create, or in simple fear that they won’t be accepted, loved, cared for…

That’s exactly what the enemy wants. Listen – we are actively engaged in a battle for people’s minds, affections, and passion – and the enemy would want nothing more than to take those, and misguide them away from the church.

We’re opening the door – and asking you, the artist, to take a step back into safety, nurturing, care, support, and wanting you to bring your best – whatever it may be, for His glory. You’ve got an opportunity. Right now we’re accepting “submissions” for what we’re calling a “late-spring sharing event.” We don’t know exactly what the date will be, nor do we know exactly what it will look like, because we want YOU and your submission to help us determine what the best type of event will be.

Don’t let the “submission form” scare you off – it shouldn’t. It’s just to give us an idea of what you may be bringing (is it going to hang on the wall? does it need a table? Will it fit in your hand? or in the back of a truck?)

Take a step. I know we’re asking you to “trust us,” and for many – that’s a tough step, to come out of obscurity and take a jump into the light – but we won’t let you down.

You can register, and download the form HERE.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

2 thoughts on “I don’t have a gift to bring…

  1. the approximate words of Gordon Bals as I can recall, because they certainly echoed my heart …” the area of our greatest giftedness, can also be the area of our greatest wounded-ness.”
    I'm so not sure if what I create will point others to Christ and what all He has done for me, but I met God halfway today and painted… trusting Him to show up. We'll see. 🙂
    I'll bring in my form and I pray that others like myself will step “out there” and do the same.
    Thanks for the opportunity to glorify God. It's a challenge and it's a privilege.

  2. Hey fellow journey-ers. My un-redeemed name was Poor Little Much Afraid. As God constantly pursues me, I am learning to live out of my new name, Courageous Because He Is Enough. It is time to stop being satisfied with crumbs. Come join your friends at the “feast” and experience His smile. Melany

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