Please Come Home – a new Kids Musical

My wife has been doing kids choirs/kids worship for over 18 years. She’s an expert at it. I’ve seen her, in the past, go into churches for week long music camps, and within that week, transform their kids from a hodge-podge group into a unified choir. She’s spending time teaching them, not only about music, but about using their gifts for His glory. She’s teaching (without them “knowing” it) breath work, pitch, breathing, balance, and other fundamentals about choir, and singing. And i’ve watched kids under her influence go on to use their gifts in big ways – both later in school, and outside of school. She’s way smarter than me. She graduated school with 3 degrees (a BM in Music Ed, a MM in Church Music, and MM in Music Ed) She’s quite amazing.

Anyway – she wrote a musical. Starting late April last year (2010), I would come home from work and find her sitting at our piano, with a pencil and staff paper, writing notes and lyrics for songs. She’d spend hours each night sitting at the piano. She wrote most of the songs used, and all of the dialogue. She conceived the stage design, costumes, direction – every bit of this is her brain-child.

You see, she had grown weary of trying to find material for kids choirs – in the musical genre, that are Christ-centered, Gospel-centered, and more substance, rather than just cute songs and kids wearing sunglasses. After searching, and searching, she decided to write her own.

Next Sunday – March 6 is the debut for “Please Come Home.” It’s a musical written by my wife based on the story of the prodigal son. It explores the older brother, the younger brother, and a Father who tirelessly waits, with open arms – and even runs to us, pursuing us when we’ve tried to run, hide, cower in shame…

The kids have been working their tails off. The number of adult volunteers involved is staggering, and it’s going to be a great time of worship. Come join us. And stay after for a feast in the gym. The cost is $6/plate. We’re not making any money off of it – in fact, we’re just trying to cover most of our expenses. It’s not too late to get a ticket – you can do so HERE.

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