Friday Favorites 3.4.11

1. Favorite class activity –

2. Favorite Oscars Opening –
I don’t like musical numbers anyway… I thought this was funny. Not sure why it got bad reviews.

3. Favorite “Sears listens to that?” –
This guy [Pat Metheny] is amazingly brilliant. I have quite a few of his albums – but this is the first track on one of my favorite albums.

4. Favorite over-reaction by the church community –
The church community is up in arms over this video from Rob Bell. His book hasn’t come out yet – but we are all jumping to conclusions about Rob, his book, his beliefs, and his SALVATION, based on this video. Seems a little ridiculous to me. Brilliant on Rob’s part – because i’m surely going to read the book now…

5. Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service –
“he’s still a long way off – but he’s heading down the right road, he’s still a long way off, but his father runs to meet him…”

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