Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 6, 2011

Not your typical recap for yesterday. We premiered a brand new children’s musical called Please Come Home. Created and written by my wife, Mandy Sears, the musical explored both the prodigal son, and the older brother, and was an incredible reminder of God’s pursuit of us.

Most of the music was original compositions by Mandy, along with a tune each from One Republic, and FFH. Mandy also wrote all of the dialogue, stage direction, and choreography.

The kids started practicing late last summer, as we wrapped up charting the songs, and tracking the backing tracks. Over the course of the past few months, the musical challenged artists, decorators, set-designers, costume-designers, directors, and musicians to get involved in the skill-set, and contribute to telling this great story. It was so neat to watch the combined efforts of over 20 different adult volunteers all come together in yesterday’s worship service.

We’ll be making the musical available to other churches very soon, as we’re putting finishing touches on the tracks, and editing the video shot yesterday. If you are, or know someone that might be interested in putting on Please Come Home, feel free to contact me.

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