Friday Favorites 3.11.11

1. Favorite scenic mountain drive –

2. Favorite complaint –
This wasn’t called in to oak mountain. I’m not saying we don’t get complaints, but this is just hysterical. Love the last line.

3. Favorite advice –
I’ve loved this tune for a long time, and stumbled back across it when I was trying to figure out who produced the “come on get happy” segment from this week’s House. I certainly thought it was Baz Luhrmann. Apparently not – but this is.

4. Favorite TV show –
Wasn’t it great?

5. Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service –
If you tarry until you’re better, you will never come at all.

One thought on “Friday Favorites 3.11.11

  1. I have comments…
    1. Nothing.
    2. Fantastic. Really, really amusing.
    3. Nice. I forgot the guy just talked the entire time. Kind of interesting that it was such a hit without a hook.
    4. This made me really happy. Then really sad. Happy because the show was so good. Sad the video stopped short of the final season. Sadder still that it's over. I kind of wish LOST would just keep on going forever, even if that meant more unanswered questions and eye-rolling fake-out not-endings.
    5. Me too. Love that line.

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