Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 27, 2011

Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday of Lent. Bob came up with a great acrostic – LENT – Let Everyone Now Turn. Lent ends up being a sweet time in my life – of trying to strip away all that i get distracted with – and focus back on Christ, for my sufficiency, sustenance, identity…

We opened yesterday with a tune I wrote called Let Us Return. Ironically enough – Bob was going to use the tune as an illustration (for aforementioned acrostic) and had no idea that we were going to sing it. I love it when the Holy Spirit does more planning than i do!

After our call to worship we sang Amazing God, Search Me, Nothing but the Blood, Breathe, and Hear Us From Heaven.

Our offering song was Blessings, sung by Kala Waldron.

Let me say this – if you’re not doing Search Me – you need to be. It’s a Ronnie Freeman tune. GREAT song.

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