Thursday Thoughts – 4.5.12

1. I’ve enjoyed watching Penn Jillette (Penn and Teller) on the Celebrity Apprentice. I don’t usually watch trash TV – but he’s a class act. The amazing thing to me is that he’s not a believer and in fact an outspoken atheist, and yet acts more like Jesus than any other personality on the show.

2. Sunday’s Comin’….

3. There’s nothing better than the sound of one of your own kids praising Jesus.

4. Oh sure, NOW Brusters is open, just as I start craving Dairy Queen.

5. Not to be too serious on the Thursday Thoughts – but our Palm Sunday worship service was last Sunday …. Here are my thoughts from the back of the program:

Welcome to Your Great Name. I’m so excited for you to join us for worship this morning. This setlist may as well be, and quite simply has been one of the many soundtracks in my life over the past few seasons. The text of these songs, and the way they are so genuinely applied to their melodies has ministered to me in the very depths of my soul. From lines like “the enemy, he has to leave, at the sound of Your great name” to “waiting here for you, singing Alleluia” to “hold me together,” and “nothing is impossible for You” to “how long until this curtain is lifted,” every one of these songs has spoken volumes to my soul. My hope is the same for you this morning. My desire would be that you get to experience just a few of the many facets of HIS great name. I want you to see the God of comfort, the God of peace, the God of healing, the God of forgiveness, the God our Father, the God of Promise, the God who is our Coming King.

Come this morning to the throne. Be still. Know that, if you’re found in Christ, then you are held in the palm of His hand – that he has and is making all things “alright.” That death has no more sting, that hell has no victory, that we claim the riches of the inheritance of our Savior, our Great King, in His Great Name.

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