Thursday Thoughts 10.18.12

1. Seriously – for all those who watch American Idol because it’s good clean fun – doesn’t Nicki Minaj cancel that out?

2.  So many things on twitter that I can’t retweet….

3.  I wonder if we could get everyone to move their political discussions and thoughts to Myspace.

4.  It’s summer… no wait.. it’s fall… no wait…. it’s summer… no… wait… it’s…

5.  What do you think about a monetary fine for having too many items in the express checkout lane?

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts 10.18.12

  1. 1. Idol is still on?
    2. Yeah…
    3. By political discussions, do you mean actual thoughtful discourse, or the firehose of one-sided vitriol and near-religious political dogma we have to endure?
    4. Call it Summall.
    5. Instead, summary beatings.

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