Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – January 6, 2013

Happy new year!  What a great morning of worship yesterday – so good to be back after a week’s vacation.

We opened yesterday with White Flag.

After our call to worship we sang Not To Us, Come Ye Sinners, Search Me, and Be Thou My Vision.

Our offering song was One Thing Remains.

I mentioned during worship yesterday that New Year’s Resolutions were at the forefront of my mind as I was putting together the worship set.  The streets are more crowded with joggers, Facebook is really quiet, people are not only showing up, but coming on time to church…. So many resolutions.  I’ve got one Facebook friend that said he wasn’t making resolutions this year, because he’s tired of being mad at himself a few days into the year.  I’ve got another friend who has resolved to NOT read through the Bible this year, because he’s tired of the disappointment that he feels when he falls behind on daily readings…

My thought – what if Oak Mountain, as a church, resolved to carry each other’s burdens to Christ quicker, and more often?  What if we acknowledged that every one of our lives are just as screwed up as the next guy – and out of that, we didn’t “tarry” any longer, but came not only with our burdens, but our neighbors’ as well – could be life, church, and community-changing!

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