Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – February 3, 2013

Yesterday’s set was all about remembering God’s unflinching faithfulness, and die-hard pursuit of us, even in our desire to run.  No matter where we go, or how fast we run, He is pursuing us, and outrunning us…

We opened yesterday with a song I wrote a couple years ago out of Hosea called Let Us Return.

After our call to worship we sang Your Grace is Enough, Stronger, How He Loves, How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, and The Stand.

Our offering song was one that my wife and I wrote back during Bob’s sermon series on Hosea.  It’s called Covenant Song and illustrates two covenants – the one we try to make with God – “i won’t let go.”  Problem is, we do, we have, and are prone to …  the second covenant is the one HE made with us – He will not let go, ever.  He hasn’t.  He won’t.

You can hear the Covenant Song again on Sunday morning, February 24th as our kids lead us in my wife’s second original children’s musical – Not Just With Our Words – the story of the good samaritan.  Join us for both services – 9 and 10:45.

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