Monday Morning (even though it’s dark outside) Recap for Sunday – January 26, 2014

We had Bob back in the pulpit yesterday, and we’ll get to hear some stories of his recent trip to Uganda over the next few weeks.  Big things happening at Oak Mountain – and if you haven’t checked it out recently – head over to our new website and spend some time checking out what’s going on.

We opened yesterday with Here For You – a great new tune (to oak mountain) from Matt Redman (I seem to be on a Matt Redman kick here lately).

After our call to worship we sang Because of Your Love, How He Loves, Lead Me to the Cross, and Grace That is Greater Than All Our Sin.

Our offering song was also a new-ish tune called Your Grace Finds Me – also by Matt Redman.

For those of you reading this on my blog ( – head over to our worship page on our new website and sign up for our weekly newsletter.  You can find that here and just scroll to the bottom of the page.

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