Monday Morning Recap for Sunday June 22, 2014

The Choir led in worship last Sunday.  I love choir Sundays.  Great group of people, great friends, great time of community and fellowship.  Also had a great guitar solo at the end of Blessed Be Your Name by one of my longest serving guitarist – Jack Swaim.  As Bob has quoted many times, from that great movie Chariots of Fire – “when I run I feel God’s pleasure,” when Jack plays his guitar, I sense God’s pleasure.  Something amazingly humble happens when Jack cuts loose.  It’s never too much, always fits, and always leads me closer to the throne.

We opened last Sunday with Never Stop Singing – a song from Tim Hughes that we introduced to Oak Mountain at this year’s Palm Sunday service.

After our call to worship we sang Come Christians Join to Sing, Forever Reign, One Thing Remains, and Blessed Be Your Name.

Our offering was Lord I Need You – a great tune from Matt Maher

Choir takes a break for the rest of summer, and will resume regular rehearsals on Wednesday August 13th!

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