My take on Blurred Lines and Got to Give It

Ridiculous.  $7.5 MILLION because something “reminds” you of something else?

I could stop there, but i’ll give just a bit more context and information.

Disclaimer – I don’t like Blurred Lines.  The Sears boys aren’t allowed to listen to it.  From what I’ve seen of the video, it’s tasteless.  But Pharrell made me happy with Happy – so…

Blurred lines is in the key of G.  The tempo is about 118-120 BPM.  The chord progression is I, to V, and back to I.  And quite frankly – Pharrell sounds like Prince….  Maybe Prince should sue?

Got to Give It is in the key of A.  The tempo is quicker – about 124 BPM.  The chord progression is actually more involved.  Stays on the I – goes to the IV, then to V, then back to I.  Then a MAJOR II (not your typical chord in this type progression) to a IV, V, and I.

Here are the two cuts….

So – is the argument that you can hear a distinct groove being played on a cowbell?  It’s not even the same groove….

How about these two songs?  In the same KEY, the same TEMPO, and the same electronic drum sound?

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