Bullfrog Choir is THIS Sunday!

One of my favorite Sundays out of the entire year is this Sunday – our 12th Annual Bullfrog Choir!! The morning’s worship set provides an opportunity for EVERY guy (and their sons) at OMPC to come and help lead in worship.  

The reason, though, that this particular Sunday is so important to me, is that it gives us husbands and dads and opportunity to model worshipping our Lord for our wives and kids.  It gives us – the men of OMPC, an opportunity to actively demonstrate what the psalmist meant when he commanded shouting, clapping, and singing a new song.  He wasn’t just speaking to those that “had a great singing voice.”  He was reminding us that ALL of us are gifted with the privilege of bringing honor and praise to our God.  Bullfrog choir allows all of us guys to join together and serve our families, and our church, by worshipping.

So fellas – whether this is your 12th time singing with us, or your first time even hearing about the Bullfrog Choir – come join us on Sunday as we lead our OMPC family in worship.  We’ll meet at 9:45AM on the stage to have a brief run-through.  After a short break, we’ll lead the 10:45 service.  Once the song set is over, you can have a seat with your families for the remainder of the service, as Bob takes us through Paul’s letter to Philemon.  Or for those of you that joined us for the sermon at 8:15, you can slip out the backstage door.   Bring you boys as well!  All the songs that we sing will be VERY familiar to you and Oak Mountain, and a “great singing voice” is absolutely not necessary.  We have over 100 guys on the stage at once, and the sound is just amazing!

So come sing, or croak with us! It’s gonna be a blast.

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