Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 13, 2016

Great time of reflection and worship yesterday, as our set was designed to ask God to focus our gaze on His beauty, Jesus’ sacrifice, and our call to repentance.  I always enjoy planning a more reflective worship set for the season of Lent….

We also had a bit of a change from our typical style in that we had fiddle, acoustic, bass and perc, and a single female vocalist (in addition to my vocal).

We opened with Relentless.

After our call to worship we sang Hosanna (Hillsong), When I Survey/Wonderful Cross, Nothing but the Blood, and We Will Run.

Our offering song was Love is War

Join us next week for our Palm Sunday celebration “No Other Namewhich takes up the whole hour of the morning services…

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 13, 2016

  1. Here you go!
    O Righteous Father, You summon me to look upon the beauty and glory of
    Your Son, but I have turned my gaze to the transient and created
    splendor of this world. I have secretly cherished visions of earthly
    wealth, beauty and power and have sought after them instead of the
    kingdom, the power, and the glory of Jesus. Forgive the wandering eyes
    of my heart and enable me by faith to fix my gaze upon the One who
    alone is worthy of all my focused attention and deepest affection.

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