Jason’s Disney Insider Tips, part 1

We are Disney fanatics.  We love it.  There’s something about the customer service, the commitment to a unified vision, and the fervent pursuit of excellence that is attractive, inspiring and motivating about a trip to Disney.  From the street sweepers, to ride-loaders, to customer service agents, and managerial level – the employees (known as cast members) are lock-step in full commitment to bringing a top drawer experience to the customer.  The design is incredible, the logistics are impeccable, and the simple act of a visit can easily become a lesson in customer service, and guest experience.

We (the Sears Family) have visited more times that I’m willing to admit, and we absolutely love it, every single time.

It dawned on me the last time we were there that we have tips and secrets that we adhere to that enable our family to have the most fun for the least dollars.  We’re all about value.  I then thought that maybe it would be helpful to share those with my readers so they could take advantage.  So I’m going to spend some time here outlining what we feel are the most beneficial tips and tricks for “doing Disney” with a family.  I’ll cover things like stroller rentals, where to stay, where to eat, HOW to eat, rides to avoid, fast passes to NOT get, and little inside secrets that I’ve picked up along the way.  I’ll also be happy to answer any questions posted in the comments.  Stay tuned!

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