Our Church Technology *Updated*

I’m revamping this post, as I wrote this when we were still worshipping in the gym. Moving into the sanctuary changed a few things.

Everything geared for the volunteer as far as ease of use and execution.

FOH console – Yamaha CL5 with Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server
Outboard gear:
Tascam CD-500B CD Player
Tascam CD-RW900SL CD burner
Tascam SS-R200 Hard disc recorder
Tascam TA-1VP Vocal processor
ClearCom PL Pro MS232 Comm Hub
“Listen” Assisted Listening device

FOH Line –
4 EAW Line arrays, loaded with KF730 and 730SB (subwoofers)
6 mote SB600 subs.
Front fill and delay ring speakers.

Projection System –
PC running songshowplus. Powerpoint is a “no-no” for worship. The earlier versions of Songshow had a very weak AVI playback engine, but version 7 totally revamped those problems, and we are exclusively using SSP.  After fairly evaluating all of them – SongShow is by far the best for volunteer execution, global formatting, and ease of on-the-fly database selection.

Stage systems –
Aviom system – currently still on A162’s.  About to switch to A360Dante.
Band members use headphones.
Vocals us Audio Technica M3 in-ears, backed by Aviom A16IIR.

Lighting System –
GrandMA Ultralight console –
ETC Dimmers,
100+ conventional ETC source 4 fixtures (19 degree lekos and par cans)
12 Martin 600NT wash fixtures.

Recording –
We multitrack our seasonal programs and some services using Nuendo Live and the Virtual Soundcard

For scoring/charting, I use Finale 2012

I run a Mac Pro Tower with Protools, Finale, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Protools is used for studio recording, and remixing multitrack projects. Finale for scoring, and mostly imovie for video editing.

The worship ministry runs with MAC’s in a PC world. I use a MacBook Pro, and a Mac Pro. My Technical Director uses a new iMac 27″ and a MacBook Pro, and our Creative Associate uses a 27″ iMac.

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