An amazing perspective on technology and life today

Clay Travis is a sportwriter/columnist. When I was on twitter I followed him. It was certainly entertaining. I do get his mailbag emails, and happened to catch this incredible post on technology. Please take the time to read it, and consider the effect that social media is having on your kids. Eddy writes: “Longtime fan of the mailbag. I know …

We're turning into iPhone zombies

I love the TV show The Walking Dead.  I don’t know what it is about the show that fascinates me.  It certainly isn’t the gore and the violence, but the character development, and the lengths that they will go to in order to survive is fascinating.  Sure the idea of a zombie apocalypse seems far-fetched, but that doesn’t temper my …

Revelation Song Intro

Sorry for the audio glitch this morning.  Here is the entire Revelation Song intro http://sample.mp3

Happy Birthday to Drake

It’s #1’s 10th birthday today. I’ve posted his story a couple times here. I’m gonna post it again, because it serves, to this day, as a constant reminder of how God radically changed our hearts on what we knew to be true of his character. He was born at 6:01, on a Friday – June 15, 2001. This was after …

Time to create?

I taught last week at a conference for church planters. Guys (and gals) from all over the country, spanning 20 different denominations, in all different stages of church planting. One of the parts of my talk is finding “the guy” to lead the worship ministry. In laying out “suggested criteria” i mentioned that he/she needs to be creative. Regardless of …

i'm proud of my Technical Director

Will Giuliani does some amazing work, and is a great teammate at crafting the brand at Oak Mountain. He did a new design on the 80, which launched this past Sunday. [vimeo 18644543 w=450 h=253]

Happy 4th birthday to #3

#3 came along in 2007. He was, what most would describe as “unexpected.” His older brother is a mere 16 months older. He’s an incredible gift, and we think, quite possibly, crazier than #1 and #2 put together.

Some of the best money we spend each month

We’ve got our #1 and #2 in Tae Kwon Do. Apparently there’s varying degrees and disciplines, even in the outfits here in Birmingham. I’ve been convinced since day 1 that we made the right decision with World Class TKD. This is the recent testing that their two instructors, Richard Coon and Justin Scarcella went through to earn their 4th degree …

Trash TV

I’m just gonna say this. I hate trash TV. And let’s face it – stuff that falls in this category (for me at least) are shows like:The Bachelor/Bachelorette – conveniently, starting back up tonight, Survivor, Big Brother, American Idol, Top Model, anything on MTV, a lot of things on Fox, blah blah blah, etc. You get the point. Usually, if …

My kids made a Danimals Commercial

Everyone’s kids are cute, sure . . . but mine are the cutest. #2 and #3 were apparently making a Danimals commercial on our Mac in the den …. Mandy made sure it was captured. //