Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – July 14, 2019

Yesterday being the 2nd Sunday of the month also means it was communion Sunday – typically on the 2nd Sunday so folks/kids that have joined on the 1st Sunday by profession of faith can receive their first communion.

We opened yesterday with Glorious Day

After the call to worship we sang Beautiful One, Jesus, How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds and Greater

Our offering song was a new tune (to OMPC) called King of My Heart

Men! Join us in just two weeks for our 16th Annual Bullfrog Choir – no singing experience necessary. Simply sing (or croak) the same thing you sing in the pew each Sunday. We’ll have a brief runthrough at 9:45, but even if you can’t join us for that – jump up and sing with us at 10:45.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – July 7, 2019

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! We only had one service yesterday and Ken Jones taught us.

We opened with Here For You

After the call to worship we sang Joyful, Who You Say I Am, Build My Life and O Come to the Altar

Our offering song was It Is Well (Through it All), sung by Carlee Green

Men! Join us in just three weeks for our 16th Annual Bullfrog choir! Open to all guys and their sons, come sing and croak the same thing you sing in the pews on Sunday! No rehearsal or preparation needed! Join us for a runthrough at 9:45 or just jump up at 10:45 and sing with us for the service.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – June 30, 2019

Bob continued his series of God’s Postcards – going through the 5 books in the Bible that are one chapter only. Yesterday was on Philemon. If you weren’t here to worship with us – be sure and check out the podcast for the sermon. You can find it by searching “ompc” in itunes.

We opened yesterday with All My Fountains

After the call to worship we sang Unstoppable God, Come Ye Sinners, Reckless Love and Lord I Need You

Our offering song was a new tune for OMPC called King of My Heart

Men! Bring your sons and join us on Sunday July 28 for our 16th Annual Bullfrog choir. No singing experience necessary – just sing (or croak) whatever you sing in the pew every Sunday morning. We’ll have a brief runthrough at 9:45, but even if you can’t join us then, jump up and sing with us and about 140 other guys at 10:45.

The OMPC Worship Ministry is Hiring!

We’re currently hiring to fill our part-time stagehand position for 20-25 hours/week. We’re looking for a self-motivated, hard worker that can lift 50 pounds. Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings are a part of the job.

For more information or to apply, please contact me or our Technical Director Wes Smith – wes [at] ompc [dot] org

The OMPC Worship Ministry is Hiring!

stagehand_tee_shirt-r02a04b4d11624f1d88a5a5898cb5a2a8_k212a_324The OMPC Worship Ministry is currently hiring a part-time stagehand (20-25 hours/week).  Hours include Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  Qualified applicants should be able to lift 50 pounds over their head, enjoy their steaks medium-rare (at the most), never use the phrase “lefty-loosy, righty-tighty” and have extensive knowledge of local cheese dips.  Kombucha Juice and Essential Oils are not provided.  Contact Jason or Wes in the Worship Ministry for more information.

Bullfrog Choir is THIS Sunday!

One of my favorite Sundays out of the entire year is this Sunday – our 12th Annual Bullfrog Choir!! The morning’s worship set provides an opportunity for EVERY guy (and their sons) at OMPC to come and help lead in worship.  

The reason, though, that this particular Sunday is so important to me, is that it gives us husbands and dads and opportunity to model worshipping our Lord for our wives and kids.  It gives us – the men of OMPC, an opportunity to actively demonstrate what the psalmist meant when he commanded shouting, clapping, and singing a new song.  He wasn’t just speaking to those that “had a great singing voice.”  He was reminding us that ALL of us are gifted with the privilege of bringing honor and praise to our God.  Bullfrog choir allows all of us guys to join together and serve our families, and our church, by worshipping.

So fellas – whether this is your 12th time singing with us, or your first time even hearing about the Bullfrog Choir – come join us on Sunday as we lead our OMPC family in worship.  We’ll meet at 9:45AM on the stage to have a brief run-through.  After a short break, we’ll lead the 10:45 service.  Once the song set is over, you can have a seat with your families for the remainder of the service, as Bob takes us through Paul’s letter to Philemon.  Or for those of you that joined us for the sermon at 8:15, you can slip out the backstage door.   Bring you boys as well!  All the songs that we sing will be VERY familiar to you and Oak Mountain, and a “great singing voice” is absolutely not necessary.  We have over 100 guys on the stage at once, and the sound is just amazing!

So come sing, or croak with us! It’s gonna be a blast.

New CD now available!

I’m pleased to offer our latest CD of live recordings at Oak Mountain.  These recordings were all done in the context of a normal worship service, with some of the finest musicians in Birmingham.  There’s a variety of styles represented – from full band and choir, band and praise team, and acoustic sets with fiddle.

You can download the new tunes from iTunes by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – November 24, 2013

Short work week this week.  For everyone traveling for Thanksgiving, be safe!

Reminder to worship choir – NO rehearsal this week.  See you next Wednesday – December 4, 6-7 in the choir room.

We opened yesterday morning with Let Us Return.

After our call to worship we sang All Because of Jesus, Crown Him With Many Crowns, The Same Love, and Center.

Our offering song was Give Me Faith, from Elevation Worship.

Advent starts on Sunday.  Come worship with us as we celebrate our anticipation of Christ.  You may want to download our new Christmas Album Ring the Bells – available now on iTunes.

And be sure to join us on the 15th for our Christmas Worship Service – the Glorious Impossible.  8:15 and 10:45.

Ring the Bells – Christmas at Oak Mountain, now available

I compiled an album of great tunes from over the past 10 years of Christmas worship services into an Oak Mountain Christmas album – Ring the Bells.  You can download it from iTunes here.

These were all recorded live, with over 100 of the best worship volunteers in the city.  A few album credits:

Band includes:
Drums – Jon Harvill
Bass – Raymond Butler
Electric Guitars – Jack Swaim, Josh Vigneulle, and Tim Ogletree
Acoustic Guitars – Patrick Bush, Justin Hale and Josh Vigneulle
Synths – Jack Swaim
Percussion – Michael Southerland and Matt Minor
Saxophone – David McCool

Solo vocalists include Carlee Green, Jenny Pruitt, Sharla Rose, and Jeff Sauceda.

I did all the mixing and mastering.  Hope you enjoy.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – November 17, 2013

I always enjoy good opportunities to be reminded of my desperation in worship.  How important is it in my worship to be reminded that I’m just as desperate for God to show and enable me to worship as I am for Him to be guiding every aspect of my life.
We opened yesterday with Let Us Return.

After our call to worship we sang Arise, O Worship the King, Waiting Here for You, and When All is Said and Done.
Our offering song was a tune by Brenton Brown called Adoration.

We wrap up the month of November next Sunday, and plow right into the season of Advent at Oak Mountain.
We’ll celebrate the 1st Sunday of Advent on the 1st, as well as celebrate our latest class of graduates from Jobs 4 Life!
On the 8th, we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.
The 15th of December is our 2013 Christmas Worship service.  Be sure to join us at either (or both) services that morning – 8:15 and 10:45.  It, of course, is STILL not too late to join us and sing!
Our Christmas Eve Services will be on the 24th at 5 and 6:30.  The is NO childcare for either service.  Most families with younger kids choose to come to the 5:00 service.
On the 29th – we’ll only be having ONE worship service, at 10:45, with Sunday school preceding at it’s normal time – 9:30.