2019 Christmas Worship Service "Here Comes Heaven"

https://vimeo.com/380562750 https://vimeo.com/380562933 https://vimeo.com/380563089 https://vimeo.com/380563278 https://vimeo.com/380578377 https://vimeo.com/380563666 https://vimeo.com/380563465 https://vimeo.com/380568135 https://vimeo.com/380567953 https://vimeo.com/380578441 https://vimeo.com/380570423 https://vimeo.com/380570206 https://vimeo.com/380570031 https://vimeo.com/380569904 https://vimeo.com/380569718

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 10, 2019

Sunday was our 16th annual Kids’ Musical – this one called “Not Just With Our Words,” written by my wife – Mandy Sears and based on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Here’s a video of the performance from 2014… For more information – you can contact me or my wife msears [at] ompc [dot] org

Videos from "Say Something"

If you’d like to worship with us again through “Say Something” you can now follow along with the videos below! Christmas Angels [vimeo 306014277 w=640 h=360] Hearts Waiting [vimeo 306014659 w=640 h=360] Advent Hymn [vimeo 306013776 w=640 h=360] Say Something [vimeo 306015185 w=640 h=360] Watch This (part 1) [vimeo 306033233 w=640 h=360] When Love Crossed Over [vimeo 306015297 w=640 h=360] …

You Say – from Sunday

If you’d like to worship again to Sunday’s offering tune You Say from Lauren Daigle, sung by Carlee Green [vimeo 291594096 w=640 h=360]  

"Forgiven" – Sunday March 18, 2018

God is Coming [vimeo 261385582 w=640 h=360] Wonder [vimeo 261385933 w=640 h=360] Your Love Defends Me [vimeo 261386051 w=640 h=360] Lord I Run to You [vimeo 261386166 w=640 h=360] O Sacred Head Now Wounded (with video) [vimeo 261386450 w=640 h=360] Forgiven (with video) [vimeo 261386917 w=640 h=360] Remember [vimeo 261387107 w=640 h=360] Death Was Arrested [vimeo 261397835 w=640 h=480] The …