All I Ask from Sunday's service….

Unfortunately we had a video glitch from the service, but did you know Worship Choir starts back this coming Wednesday? [vimeo 178528936 w=451 h=250]

New CD now available!

I’m pleased to offer our latest CD of live recordings at Oak Mountain.  These recordings were all done in the context of a normal worship service, with some of the finest musicians in Birmingham.  There’s a variety of styles represented – from full band and choir, band and praise team, and acoustic sets with fiddle. You can download the new …

Clips from last Sunday

Here’s a couple clips from last Sunday – Son of God Ring the Bells – this year, we added our youth choir – and an 80-piece orchestra….

Coldplay… SATB…in church….

I’m sure Chris Martin and Coldplay intended the song to be done like this… http://sample.mp3

Clips from our 2012 Palm Sunday Spectacular Spectacular

Down – with Jon Harvill on vocals http://sample.mp3 Alright – with Calvin Nowell http://sample.mp3  Lament – with Tim Bennett and Lisa Moffett http://sample.mp3

Revelation Song Intro

Sorry for the audio glitch this morning.  Here is the entire Revelation Song intro http://sample.mp3

Not Guilty Anymore http://sample.mp3Haven’t posted a tune from Oak Mountain worship services in a while.  This was our offering song from our Easter Sunday morning services – Not Guilty Anymore by Aaron Keyes.  Fantastic tune – and what a great reminder of the grace given to us, in Christ. In case you’re interested – the band is:Drums – Chris ForrestBass – Drew …

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 1, 2012

Our Palm Sunday worship service was yesterday – entitled “Your Great Name.” I’m not going to recap the whole service here – as I’m blessed to serve in a church that allows us, a couple times a year, to take the entire hour for a special worship service that includes music, drama, video… I hope to have the audio mixed …

Another cut from last year's Palm Sunday Service

Join us as we prepare for this year’s Palm Sunday service. Here’s a clip from last year’s service. It’s our choir version of a hymn re-write I did with Eric Gilbert called O Love that Will Not Let Me Go. http://sample.mp3

A cut from last year's Palm Sunday Service

Last year’s Palm Sunday worship service CDs are still in post-production – hopefully to be released soon. If you’re interested in participating with us this year on Palm Sunday – it’s never too late to join the choir. We sang one of Tommy Walker’s newer tunes “When i don’t know what to do.” Absolutely love it. Here’s a clip of …