Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – May 5, 2019

Yesterday was not only a choir Sunday (some of my favorite Sundays of the year) but it was also a “Show Up and Sing” Sunday – inviting anyone to just show up and sing! We always have a great crowd for choir Sundays. It’s such a blessing to be able to lead with such a great worshipping community.

We opened yesterday with Even So Come

After the call to worship we sang Unstoppable God, Good Good Father, Praise to the Lord the Almighty and Waiting Here For You

Our offering song was a tune by Hillsong from our Palm Sunday worship service called So Will I

Make plans to join us for choir when we start back in August on Wednesday August 14th and start preparing for our 2019 Christmas Worship – set for December 15th.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 28, 2019

We had a great morning of worship yesterday as we celebrated our monthly Lord’s Supper and heard from Bob in his continuing series on Acts

We opened with Your Love Awakens Me

After the call to worship we sang Glorious Day, Jesus What a Friend for Sinners, We Will Feast and O Come to the Altar

Our offering song was a new(er) tune for OMPC called Who You Say I Am

Choir! Join us next Sunday for our “Show Up and Sing” Sunday – May 5th. All “old stuff” with the exception of So Will I – which we sang as a part of our Palm Sunday worship service.

Videos from Is He Worthy – Our Palm Sunday Service

If you’d like to worship with us again through Is He Worthy? you can now view the entire service – song by song right here.

You Came to My Rescue with Jenny Pruitt

Unto the King

Gracefully Broken with Brian Simmons and Alicia Baker

Out of Nothing – Script by Wes Smith, Video production by Wes Smith and Michael Southerland

Knees to the Earth with Lauren Roberts, Kellie Selberg and Lisa Moffett

Build My Life

Out of the Silence – Script by Wes Smith, Video production by Wes Smith and Michael Southerland

Vapor with Kala Waldron, Lisa Moffett, Mandy Sears and MC Godfrey

You Hold Me Now

You Say with Carlee Green

Out of the Darkness – Script by Wes Smith, Video production by Wes Smith and Michael Southerland

So Will I (100 Billion Times)

Great I AM with Jeff Sauceda

Is He Worthy?

Bob’s Wrap-Up

From Now On with Michael Southerland, Brian Simmons, Angel Duke and Barbara Lindsey

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 21, 2019

We had a tremendous Easter Sunday worship service yesterday! It was so great to see so many friends in worship – and the morning went so well.

We opened yesterday with Let God Arise

After the call to worship we sang This is Amazing Grace, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Stronger, Great Are You Lord and What a Beautiful Name

The offering song was Because He Lives – sung so well by Carlee Green

We also closed the service with Is He Worthy by Andrew Peterson, in the style of Andrew Peterson. Worship leaders – if you’re going to introduce this tune to your ministry or congregation, use Andrew’s version. There are other, less quality and more commercial versions out there, but use Andrew’s. It’s by far the best.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 14, 2019

We don’t have the typical recap today, as yesterday was our Palm Sunday worship service “Is He Worthy.”

If you’re looking for videos of the service – check back later this week, as I’m hoping to have them up on Thursday.

Our Palm Sunday service (much like our special Christmas worship service) takes the whole hour – with music, video, narrative…

The title was “Is He Worthy?”

We did tunes from Christy Nockels/Passion, Tommy Walker, Matt Redman, Gungor, Hillsong, Jared Anderson, Andrew Peterson and The Greatest Showman.

Here is the “blurb” that I wrote from the program:

Welcome to “Is He Worthy?”

We’re thrilled to have you worshipping with us this morning.  As we near the end of the lenten season, and look forward to next week’s Easter celebration, the texts that we’re singing this morning could not be more appropriate as we consider our place in God’s story.  Our failures, His healing.  Our weakness, His strength.  Our brokenness, His redemption. As John stood before the throne in Heaven, he wept as the question was asked “who is worthy?”   I’d like to think that John was face-to-face with the ultimate example of mankind’s need for rescue and redemption, and our sin ONLY being redeemed by the ONLY one that is worthy.  And as he wept, one of elders reminded Him that he was forgiven, his standing was cleared, and all would be made new through the sacrifice of the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, Jesus the King.

The title of this morning’s worship service is “Is He Worthy?”  Spoiler alert – He is.  He is the only one that’s worthy, and as we proclaim His glory, power, dominion and majesty, we do it in the context of our eternal need for a Savior.  The only thing we’re able to bring is a sacrifice of worship.  An acknowledgement of our sin and failure, and the need for His mercy and grace in our lives.  It’s only through the awareness of our desperation that we’re able to see the miracle that He has worked on our behalf, making our standing with the Father perfect, and securing our place in glory with Him.  It’s only as we worship out of our brokenness that we’re are able to declare – HE IS WORTHY.

As you come to worship this morning, perhaps this is just another Sunday for you.  Maybe you’ve lost track of when Easter is, or come with doubts about who you are and how you can possibly be loved.  Perhaps you’re looking for a reminder of just how worthy He really is.  Consider the words we sing this morning.   Engage with the story line.  Find your place of celebration and gratitude.  Even through your darkest hour, your deepest need and your most detrimental failure,  His worthiness has claimed you, set you apart for His glory, and called you His own.

Welcome to “Is He Worthy?

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 7, 2019

Yesterday was one of our “not the normal worship style” Sundays, where we have a fiddle, percussion, piano, acoustic and bass and one or two vocalists (as opposed to a full praise team or choir).

We opened with All Who Are Thirsty

After the call to worship we sang Hosanna (Hillsong), Search Me, Lead Me to the Cross and Lord I Need You

Our offering song was a great new tune for OMPC called Raise a Hallelujah – sung by Landon Ditto.

Join us next week for our Palm Sunday worship service Is He Worthy? for both morning services – 8:15 and 10:45.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 31, 2019

It was great to be back at OMPC after being out last week. We’ve entered the home stretch as we look forward to our Palm Sunday service – on April 14. This week is a big week for us as we get the stage set, have extra rehearsals and our first dress rehearsal next Sunday after church. And as always – it’s NEVER too late to jump into choir. So if you’re up for an adventure, come join us this Wednesday night from 6-7 in the choir room as we continue rehearsals.

We opened yesterday with a new tune for OMPC called Who You Say I Am

After the call to worship we sang Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Come Ye Sinners, To Him and We Will Run

Our offering song was Break Through

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 24, 2019

I was out yesterday, taking some time with family during our spring break here in Birmingham. Jeff Sauceda led worship for us – great guy, very talented!

They opened Sunday with Psalm 100

After the call to worship they sang Joyful, This is Amazing Grace, Reckless Love and How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

The offering song was a Jeff Sauceda original called The Cross