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Hope For Everyone – Our 2021 Christmas Worship Service

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements:

Kelly and Rob Bright

Steve Upton and Craneworks


Drums – Will Giuliani

Bass – Drew Taylor

Synth – Michael Southerland

Electric Guitar – Jack Swaim

Electric Guitar – Landon Ditto

Acoustic Guitar – David Conrad

Acoustic Guitar – Trace Armstrong

Staff and Technical:

Wes Smith – Technical Director and Sound

Mandy Sears – Kids Choir Director

Brian Zekoff – Assistant Technical Director

Amy McGucken – Worship Admin Assistant

Video Production – Wes Smith, Brian Zekoff

Lighting – Ben McGucken

Slides – Keith Griffith

Cameras and Streaming – John Porterfield

Graphic Design – Kayla Neely

Stagehand – Josh Phillips

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