New CD now available!

I’m pleased to offer our latest CD of live recordings at Oak Mountain.  These recordings were all done in the context of a normal worship service, with some of the finest musicians in Birmingham.  There’s a variety of styles represented – from full band and choir, band and praise team, and acoustic sets with fiddle.

You can download the new tunes from iTunes by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Songs for Children’s Catechism

I mentioned these songs this morning, as our kids led worship – and I’ll post the rest of the set tomorrow – but I did want to mention that my friend Eric Gilbert did a project in which he took several of the questions from the Children’s Catechism and set them to music. Our kids use them here at Oak Mountain – and i think they’re fantastic. They’re easy to sing – and the kids at oak mountain love them.

You can get them here on iTunes.

Even so . . . come quickly

Come Quickly, by Tommy Walker

He’ll wipe our tears away when dawns that final day
All mourning death and pain will fade away
And then we all will rise and meet Him in the sky
When Jesus comes and take us all away

I’m listening for the sound
When the trumpet play’s it loud
I’m watching for the clouds to roll away
‘Cause this day it is my hope
It’s all I’m waiting for
When Jesus comes and take us all away

Come quickly, come quickly Lord
This world is not my home don’t wait anymore

Come Ye Sinners . . .

I’m working on an arrangement of a hymn that I may sing for communion on Sunday. maybe.

I’m destroyed by the third verse –

Come ye weary and heavy laden. Lost and ruined, by the fall.