"Offering all of me . . . "

There’s not much to offer.  Tomorrow is the second Sunday of the month, and on the second Sunday of the month, we participate in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

For our worship tomorrow, we’re singing the song Hungry.  Great tune, and moving lyrics, but when you really think about the statement: “I’m falling on my knees, offering all of me . . . ”  it brings me (at least) to the most humbling place – I have nothing to offer but my sin; which is exactly where the Gospel brings us – repenting of our sin, the belief (surrender, offering) in Christ’s atonement for that sin, and the fight by the Spirit through us to live more for Christ, less for our sin.

So tomorrow, as I sing about offering all of me, it’ll be yet another opportunity to jump into the waltz – repenting, believing, fighting – thankful that the Father has placed the punishment for my sinful heart on the shoulders of the Son, and so when he considers me, I’m presented faultless.

Which brings up another point – last week, our youth pastor – Mark Long, in his call to worship made a great statement – “Will your worship reflect a heart that’s thankful for what He’s done in your life?” 

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