"For the THINGS I have made it"

I love the song “Heart of Worship.”  I think Matt Redman and his wife nailed it when they wrote that song.  It may be church urban legend, but rumor has it that the song was written for a church that went without music for several months because the congregation couldn’t agree on what style of music to play.  The pastor canned the song service from the Sunday morning schedule for several months, and after which, “Heart of Worship” was sung to restart the congregation singing again.

So as we sang it this morning, I started thinking about the words in the chorus:  “I’m sorry, Lord for the thing I made it.”  That’s not quite accurate for me.  You see, I make it about sooooooooooo many things.  Time, money, music, friends, family . . . .  It gets frustrating when I start looking at how many things I choose to worship, or make worship about.  My repentance comes in all the THINGS I make worship about.

So that leads me to what I’ve been thinking about lately.  How many THINGS in my life is the Gospel covering.  How many THINGS in my life did Christ die for?  I tend to forget that He died for all my THINGS.  Insecurities, fear, pride, selfishness, money, time, friends, family.  It’s easy to remember that Christ died for my soul, and for the Father to impute righteousness to me, but I fail consistently to apply that same Gospel principle to all the THINGS in my life that I obsess about.  You see, I’m starting to realize that Christ died for every part of my ugly nature.  He died for my impatience, my arrogance, my insecurity, my pride, my shortcomings as a husband, father, son, and brother . . . .  So right now the Gospel of Grace is gripping my heart, and pointing it towards all the THINGS I’ve made it [worship], and bringing me back to the soft sound of sandled feet to realize, yet once again, that i am nothing on my own, and everything in Christ. 

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