I'm Sad.

We have a ecumenical ministry in town that serves a certain demographic of our population.  They are specifically geared for this demographic, and are intentional in every aspect of their ministry offering – time, place, content, etc.  

So I have a volunteer that wanted to get involved.  This person is FANTASTIC in their facet of leading in worship, and wanted to offer their talent to Christ in this other venue.  This person is in the MIDDLE of the demographic that this ministry is trying to reach, has a great heart, and truly wants to serve in however God is calling.  So when offering their gift, this person was told that there was no room to serve – try back next year.

That makes me sad.  We [ministers] are called to involve people.  We’re called to offer people opportunities for service, and to get them plugged in.  We’re NOT called to exclude.  We’re NOT called to limit.  As soon as we start to exclude, we have a program, not a ministry.  What does “ministry” event look like without God’s people involved?  Is it still defined as a ministry?

Use the people that God brings.  He’s placed them in your care and has called you to serve them.  Don’t turn away the willing soul!

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