I'm Disturbed

I’ve been reading a few disturbing blogs the past couple of days. I still don’t understand people who are offensive for the sake of being offensive – and actually making it a part of their mission in life – Finding out what buttons to press, and pressing it.

So as I’m reading these posts, I find people being offensive, again, for the sake of being offensive, and trying to disguise it as the Gospel. Is that what the Gospel is calling us to? Sharing our opinions regardless of who we’re hurting? Is the Gospel calling us to proclaim hatred for other Christians because they believe certain things, or don’t believe? I don’t think so.

I think the Gospel has called us to be individuals, yes – but as the Gospel enables us to be individuals, it also calls us to love others. So I’m disturbed at the posts that are calling people fools, and declaring that normal Christian practices are ridiculous. And in doing so, proclaiming that the Gospel gives them the freedom to do so. What happened to the responsibility that the Gospel called us to?

I guess it’s like Steve Brown says – sure you’re free to do it, but watch that first step!

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