Picture of Faith – My Mantra

We took our 6 year-old to “Evan Almighty.” I’ve already said that I think it’s pretty cool how the director probably caught the insanity of God wanting Noah to build an ark. It hadn’t ever rained on the earth, and Noah was building a huge boat . . . Anyway, at the climax of the movie – the part right where the bad guy (John Goodman) is yelling at Evan, and you don’t know if it’s going to rain, or not, and whether or not Even will just end up looking like a nut – she leans down and grabs my boy’s hand, and says “You okay?” He looks at her and says, “Mom, it’s going to rain.” So matter-of-fact. His faith – new that God said it would, so it would. Why isn’t faith like that, the picture that my child can give me.

So in the song sung today – Everything, by Tim Hughes, I think it captures what I want my heart to desire, God in my everything, BE my everything. Jesus, you are everything.

Tim Hughes, “Everything” on his album, Holding Nothing Back.

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