20th Anniversary Service Details

One service only – 10:00 AM.

Families – please come in one car, if at all possible! Please help us by STARTING the parking on the soccer field.

From 8:30-9:30 we’ll be serving a brunch in the gym, and have an opportunity to peruse the ministry tables that are highlighting some of our ministries, what they’ve done in the past, and what they’re currently doing.

We’ll be shutting down the brunch at 9:30 to ensure that everyone gets a seat for the worship service.

We expect a very large crowd this weekend. Come prepared to squeeze into the sanctuary.

At 9:46:29, we’re going to begin showing a video our most of our missionaries from around the globe . . .

We’ll start the service right at 10. Expect it to last about an hour and a half.

We’re taking up a special Anniversary Offering, at the end of the service, to help retire some of the debt on the building. We will still have a time for regular tithes and offerings.

We’re also showing a video highlighting the founding of the church, and how God’s worked through the lives of families and individuals in the church.

AFTER the service, our Youth Ministry is doing a bar-b-q fundraiser for their St. Louis mission trip. Come and bring the family for $5/head and enjoy bar-b-q on the church grounds, in the gym, in the hallways . . . if it’s nice weather, bring a blanket and sit outside!

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