Monday morning recap for Sunday – May 17

Yesterday’s sermon focus was on the 2nd -3rd of our new mission statement “To Exalt Christ by equipping every member to seek grace from God, share grace in community, and show grace to all.”

Our Youth Choir opened the service with Lifesong. Let me say this – There’s too many kids that want to be musicians that aren’t participating in the things that make you into a musician. When I was 16, I wanted to be just like Elton John or Billy Joel . . . but I was marching in the band, singing in the choir, playing bass in the show choir, performing in musicals, and playing piano at church. I didn’t limit my musical exposure to what I thought was “necessary” to fulfill my musical aspirations – I used every musical opportunity available to me. In fact, I can’t think of anyone in my profession that didn’t involve themselves in every musical opportunity afforded to them. YOUTH – ask Patrick about his musical background. He may surprise you.

SO – parents – if you’re kids are wanting to be singer/songwriters, that play acoustic guitar and sing, PLEASE, get them involved in youth choir. They learn HOW to sing, how to read music, music theory, blend, balance, pitch . . .

After our call to worship, we sang Come Christians Join to Sing, Your Grace is Enough and Mighty to Save. We then sang Immortal Invisible (God Only Wise). I love the guitar interludes, played by Jack on the electric guitar. The musicality and incredible melodies he comes up with are amazing. We closed the worship set with Never Let Go, by Matt Redman.

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