Happy Birthday to my NICU baby . . .

8 years ago, Mandy downloaded our first child – and what was “supposed” to be a Discovery Channel Baby Story moment turned into one of the most trying weeks of our lives – as we watched our child within seconds of being born – be whisked away to another hospital to be put in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). He was seen by every kind of Dr and “-ologist” out there – with the response of “we don’t know what’s wrong with him.” At one point, I had to ask the Dr if he was going to live – and he didn’t know . . . It turned out to be a great week (in hindsight) of how God completely changed our perspective in parenting . . .

So he turns 8 today – at 6:01PM . . .

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my NICU baby . . .

  1. That was a fantastic birthday wish that I can relate too.
    On June 13th my NICU baby turned 24 He was born 9 wks early and very tiny @ 3lbs 14oz. Never would I have dreamed that my tiny baby boy stuggling to live, would grow up and be a Marine.
    I am so glad your baby is doing well and is a child of God.
    I still pray for my son to live his life for the Lord and to “get it”.
    Nancy ( sister of Genie@OMPC)

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