I remember the infatuation

I remember the infatuation with the king of pop. I’d hear the intro to the pepsi commercials and knock over furniture to make sure I could see it. I made my mom copy her LP of thriller onto a tape so I could listen to. I used my fisher price tape recorder up next to the TV to record the audio from awards shows. I remember the amazement of watching him perform Billy Jean – and my mom saying “watch this, here it comes . . . watch” and then he did the moonwalk. twice. in the same song.

MJ – your music helped shape the last 30 years of music. *My* copy of the Thriller album still sits on top of my bookshelf. We can draw lines from any music that’s played today back to what you helped shape . . . I’ll remember the glove and the jacket with the zippers, and the hair catching on fire and the great innovations you gave to music and the industry.

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