Choir resumes . . .

Choir kicks back off tomorrow with normal Wednesday rehearsals. If you’ve never been to choir, ever – please come. You don’t have to know how to read music. We provide snacks and drinks, and childcare should you need it.

Don’t feel like a commitment to choir at Oak Mountain means you have to be there every Wednesday night! You know that lady that sits by the door and checks your name off on a role as you walk in – she doesn’t come to this choir.

Don’t feel like showing up at 6:30 would be a waste of your time. The choir hour from 6-7 is jam-packed. Any amount of time that you’re able to put in will be worth it.

So – if you’re new, or if you haven’t been in a while, or if you’re dying to see what this choir thing is like, please come. Tomorrow night: 6-7, downstairs in the choir room (located just below the stage).

Choir is a great way to get involved in community, meet new people, learn to sing, laugh a lot, and worship . . . email me with any questions.

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