Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – September 20

The kids led in worship yesterday. I love having the kids – there’s something genuine about their presence on the stage, leading, singing, dancing, jumping – or in the case of my 4 year old, sitting down and sulking. We asked him about it when we got home. His response: “I didn’t sing praises to God this morning.” Mandy: “Why not?” Drew: “I was upset that I only got to sing one song. I wanted to sing two songs to God.”


Anyway – Some of the music was new yesterday. All of the arrangements were different.

We opened with Standing on the Solid Rock by Jana Alayra. If you’re unfamiliar with jana’s music and are interested in children’s worship – get her stuff. It’s great. Our kids love it – and it’s teaching scripture.

After our call to worship we sang The Solid Rock, Trading My Sorrows, Let the Praises Ring, and Shout to the Lord.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post our offering song was Who Made You, which is a musical setting for the first three questions of the children’s catechism.

Worship Choir leads this week.

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