Monday Morning Recap for Sunday December 20, 27, and January 3 (Yeah, that’s right)

I took some time off. It was refreshing. I closed down the email, the work phone, and my cell phone voicemail indicated I was not likely to return calls until today (the 4th).

December was good, and great, and long, and tough . . . and I missed my family during it – but reconnected with them over the break.

On Sunday December 20 – my wife and I celebrated 12 years. We went to Atlanta for the evening, and ate at our favorite restaurant . . .

But that morning, we had a normal worship set, and a full praise band. We opened with Tommy Walker’s That’s Why We Praise Him.

After our call to worship, we sang a new arrangement that I did of Angels We Have Heard on High. I really liked it. We also sang Filled With Your Glory (I love the text in the context of the Christmas season) – “the whole earth, is filled with your glory, Lord; angels and men adore; creation longs for what’s in store” We also sang Angels from the realms of glory – set to Lady by Little River Band. We closed the set with Holy is the Lord.

Our offering song was Child of Love (Sara Groves).

For Communion, Kristen sang Breath of Heaven, as only Kristen can do – absolutely awesome. I also sang Tommy Walker’s Come Quickly – quite fitting for the season of advent.

December 27 – was just me at the piano. we only had one service. I actually left my family in Newnan that morning and drove back to lead the service – and then swung back through Newnan, picked them up and headed to my folks house in Seneca, SC.

We opened that morning with Come Ye Sinners. We also shared with each other our favorite Christmas gift.

After our call to worship we sang Amazing God, Your Love is Amazing, Praise to the Lord the Almighty-Come Thou Almighty King, You Alone, and Grace Flows Down.

For our offering, I sang a MWS called Breathe in Me.

Sunday January 3
We thought that maybe folks wouldn’t be back from vacations, so we went with only one service. In a sanctuary that seats 1305, we had 1380 . . .

Anyway. We opened with Our God Saves (Baloche)

After our call to worship we sang Let God Arise, Your Grace is Enough, O Worship the King, In Christ Alone, and Mighty to Save.

I’ve started finalizing the plans for the Palm Sunday Spectacular – which will be on March 28.

We begin rehearsing for that service one week from wednesday – on the 13th. Come join us!

For our offering we sang a Tommy Walker tune called Where You Are

One thought on “Monday Morning Recap for Sunday December 20, 27, and January 3 (Yeah, that’s right)

  1. “Angels from the Realms of Glory” to the track of “Lady” – Great idea. Writing that one down for next year!

    I'd love to see a program from a former Palm Sunday that you all have done. I'm intrigued to see what kind of a “spectacular” your church does for the holiday.

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