Global Church Advancement Conference

I’m speaking on worship and leading worship at the 2010 Global Advancement Conference in Orlando. It’s going on all week.

I’ll probably write more on it later – but here are some thoughts that struck me:

1. There’s no flashyness. Yeah, that’s right. These folks are able to learn some church-planting principles without cool videos, graphics, and state of the art technology. Having said that, I wonder how church planters would react to a conference designed to train and equip them that was over-the-top flashy. Great videos, moving lighting, huge sound systems. How does that properly set a planter’s mind, when they go back to the school cafeteria . . .

To give you a better idea – I’m running songshow on my OLD dell laptop – I think it’s a Pentium III, 800HZ processor. The keyboard i’m using is sitting on a projecto-stand . . . and I’m singing in a samson mic – but the sound from the worship in the room is overwhelming.

2. These folks are from all denominations, all ages and stages, and there’s zero competition going on. No one’s trying to outdo. Some of the greatest ministry-minded folks are in the room, and you’d never know it – because they’re trying to look, and sound just like everyone else. It’s refreshing.

3. There’s zero pretense going on. If someone doesn’t understand, or has an idea, or a question – they ask it. These folks are here to learn, and become equipped. The content is good. I’m honored to be a part of it.

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