Monday Morning Recap for Sunday February 7, 2010

We had quite the busy morning yesterday.

The only thing we didn’t do in the worship was celebrate the Lord’s Supper – which we do next week – 2/14. You can find Bob’s questions to prepare right here.

We opened with a new song off the Glory Revealed 2 CD called Rejoice in the Lord.

After our call to worship, we sang O 4 a 1000 tongues, quite a bit quicker than “usual” with the David Crowder Chorus. I really think that it brought new life to the song – and the congregation seemed to respond well. We also sang Not to Us, Heart of Worship, and Hungry.

Our offering song (at the 9AM service) was God of This City – which Bob did a great job tying into his sermon on Jonah, and Nineveh. We also received our 2010 Faith Promise pledge this week – to the tune of Everything by Tim Hughes.

Next week – Communion.

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