Hysterical Email

Emails to a music minister could be good copy for a book. But every once in a while – I get something encouraging, and in this case – really funny. My choir members will get a kick out of it . . . I DO have permission from the author of this email to post this – although I’ve removed his name.

As a point of clarification – I mentioned last week in choir that tenors were “man-made” but basses were “God-made,” in that – as a guy – you can generally not stretch your range lower – whatever your “low” note ends up being after puberty is it – but you can stretch your range higher . . . hence “man-made” and “God-made.”

The rest is pretty funny . . .


I’m the new “man-made” tenor old guy often sporting a puzzled look on my face. I survived my second practice last night and actually was encouraged. I was convinced after the first practice that you all were freaks, beginning with the “scales that were surely sung at drug induced speed.” Then I was convinced of it when the tenors auto-tuned their voices while singing the bottom notes…really, really high. I mean, I’d never seen notes that low on the treble clef…and it was like normal to them and they really sounded good.

Anyway, last night was less freakish, although the pace of practice I’m convinced points to steroid use. And how will this all come together? The more I pondered, I realized I need patience as the Spirit leads because the results I’ve experienced as a member of the audience are surely a Christ induced high…

All of that to ask…
The music for Feb. 21…Is it available on cd so I can practice reading the new found tenor notes? (the lost chords-found!) I do better and hopefully contribute more when I’m well practiced…words and notes…strategically placed in conjunction with each other-funny how that works…I have no problem firing up the ‘ol eight track at home…I don’t think one practice before the 21st will do it for me.

What is the mode of dress when the choir sings? You are probably thinking that only a tenor would ask a wardrobe question? Just looking in my closet and see no white shirt…

While I’m serious about the questions (and my worthiness to sing with you all-with your freakish talents), my Awesome God blessed me with a sense of humor, so please I hope you understand and forgive my above comments.

Seeking the Harmony of His Will,

“new guy in choir”

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