Where are you in the process?

I was relating some information to a good friend and accountability partner – and was talking about some of the emails and comments that I get (music ministers can get some interesting comments, emails, etc)

His comment – “rejoice, in that you still have work to do. You never know what spiritual condition that person is in – and whether or not they’re even walking in faith. They’re still in the process of coming to know Christ, and the freedom from ridiculousness that His grace offers. It’s a sign that the church still has work to do.”

Such a good point. So my question is – where are you in the process? What do you find yourself getting hung-up on? Or do you come through the door surrendered and ready to meet with the Father? Is your concern more about what you’re wearing, or how the kids are behaving? What music is being sung? What the pastor is wearing? Whether or not your friends are there? The guy next to you singing, or not . . . raising hands, or not . . . closing eyes, or not . . . ?

Or do you come with a posture of humility, and openness, and excitement/anticipation for what God might have in store for you? Do you come with a hunger for His word, and the privilege of singing along with other believers?

Where are you in the process?

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